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Lucinda Carlstrom recently introduced us to her unique interpretation on the art of quilting. – paper quilts. The paper quilts are an extension of the collages Lucinda was producing and exhibiting in the early 80’s.  They started out being copies of Amish quilts and eventually developed into traditional designs based on the spirit and tradition of piecework but modified to the limitations of paper as a medium.     Using momi paper and wrinkled metallics arranged in quilt designs she then combines them with silk and gold leaf.  Many of her works can have more than 4,000 pieces by the time they are finished!

Recently she participated in the International Quilt National 2009 which featured 81 of the best contemporary quilters in the world. – her quilts being the only entry made of paper.   Take a moment to check out her work and technique at  LucindaCarlstrom

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  1. Lori says:

    I THINK THAT IS A BRILLIANT IDEA! Great combination of colours as well as patterns!!!


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