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There is your grandmother’s decoupage and then there is Jill Barnes-Dacey’s decoupage.  I recently saw the Leporello Decopauge website and her work is amazing.  Jill lives and teaches decoupage at the beautiful Palazzo Emo Mazzei Capodilista in Rome and where she is inspired by the art and architecture of the ancient city. Her extraordinary works capture centuries of artwork and history onto glass and other surfaces. 


Jill starts her work with a high quality glass receptacle to which she painstakingly glues her intricate collages and paper designs. The design is completed with a background paper or gold leaf that fills in the areas not covered by images. At least 24 coats of varnish follow, applied at 24-hour intervals. The process ends with a final polish and a further three coats of varnish. Each unique work of art article takes at least six weeks to complete. 


Born in Connecticut, Jill began her studies in England, which then lead to the Hotech School of Design in Rome and an enduring fascination with Renaissance Art. She completed her formal training at the New Academy for Art Studies before setting-out as an artist with successful exhibitions in Munich, Monte Carlo and the United States. Besides running her own decoupage courses, she also undertakes commission work, including large-scale mirrors, murals and other objects.



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    Very beautiful cup, thanks. I’ll try to do today, such

  2. Chris says:

    I started Decoupage a few years ago making Christmas gifts for my family and friends. If anyone is interested, we just finished our video Basic Decoupage Tutorial for Beginners. Take a look >>

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