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Leaf on Amate Bark

Leaf on Amate Bark

One of our most interesting customers is fine art photographer William Chambers of Greenwich,  Connecticut.  Mr. Chambers’  has always had a fascination with images but his true passion  for photography began 45 years ago when a friend suggested he try it and he has not stopped since then.  He learned from the the best even studying  and working with with famed Vogue fashion photographer  John Rawlings.

Several years ago when he became disabled and could no longer work in the darkroom,  Mr. Chambers began experimenting with digital photography and different printing techniques.  In his experimentation he found that if he primed  papers such as marbles,  amate barks, loktas etc.  and then printed his still life photographs on them  it added  an interesting  texture and depth.  His portfolio of work can be viewed at his website.  William Chambers Photography.  Despite some setbacks in life, Mr. Chamber has never stopped taking pictures and  according to him  he most likely never will – “Being a fine art photographer is my way of life, not just my work and profession.”

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