DIY Ikea Tray Makeover

On a massive Ikea shopping spree a few weeks ago I bought two of these Skala Trays knowing they were destine for a makeover. And after y’all helped me decide what paper to use, Le Jardin Chinois came out the winner.

ikeasa tray & paper

The whole process was very simple and made for a relaxing project. First I used some leftover paint to give the tray a nice crisp look

Painted Ikea Tray

The trickiest part was cutting the paper to the right size circle. I played it safe and cut it over-sized at first and then slowly trimmed it down, constantly putting it into the tray to check the fit. A little bit of decoupage glue sealed the paper down. I was a little concerned by how wrinkled the paper was when it first went down but after it dried almost all the wrinkles disappeared.

Ikea Tray with Paper

And here’s how the tray looks in it’s new home on the coffee table

Ikea Tray all Finished

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  1. Sarah Spano {Hip Ink} says:

    I am so in love with this idea! It looks fantastic (great paper choice twitterverse!) and will be a conversation starter for sure! I definitely need tI give this a try :)

  2. Lisa says:

    Amazing job! May I ask where you got the paper and who makes it? Thanks.

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