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October signals the season beginning Lokta collection in Nepal so we thought this would be a good time to revisit the qualities of this incredible paper and how it’s made.

Lokta Rolls

Tree Free – “Lokta” as we know it, is actually the Daphne plant which grows in abundance at altitudes over 6500 ft in the Himalayan Mountains.  During harvesting only the bark of the Daphne plant is removed. This type of harvesting actually promotes new growth and allows it to regenerate, ensuring that this important economic activity is sustainable and preserves the fragile forest ecology.

Eco-Friendly – The controlled harvest of the Lokta plant ensures a sustainable and eco, friendly paper making process.  The dyes uses to produce the vibrant hues are either azo free dyes or organic dyes such as indigo, tree barks, flower etc.

Handmade and Ancient Craft – Lokta paper is a 100% handmade natural product which uses local material, simple technology and ancient skills preserved for hundreds of years.

Warm Tone Lokta

Promotes Fair Trade and Woman Co-operatives – The Lokta paper you see in the Paper Mojo store is made by Village Co-operatives, a small cottage industry in Nepal which employs mostly women and promotes Women Co-operatives. Of all the handicrafts, paper making has the best potential to best support rural and more impoverished areas of Nepal.

Paper Qualities – Lokta is a high quality, acid free paper prized for is superior strength, durability, and rich texture.  These qualities and beautiful colors make it easy to use for a wide variety of projects from basic gift wrapping, invitations, envelope liners and belly bands to book binding and mixed media work.

Cool Tone Lokta

Paper Mojo offers a variety of Loktas in different patterns and colors.  So take a minute and check them out and you might find something new and just perfect for what you are working on.

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  1. Cherle Jones says:

    Someone gave my sister an Eco-Friendly Book made from the Lokta Plant. There is no writing in it and I was wondering if these were available for purchase. I’m opening a new small store and would consider selling them there depending on prices, supply, etc. Please email me back and let me know status on this.
    Thank you so much.

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