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We just added a new category to Paper Mojo…Artist Solids

Solid Lokta Paper
Our solid lokta paper is pulp dyed and 100% handmade using natural resources. The velvety smooth sheets are strong, durable and naturally acid free. Full sheets are approximately 20″ x 30″ with deckle edge and are 60 gsm in weight.

Solid Lokta

Moriki Kozo – Solid Neutrals
Moriki Kozo is a handmade paper containing 80-90% kozo and 10%-20% woodpulp. Other papers on the market may be called by the same name, but they are very different – made by machine and containing at least 50% woodpulp. This difference in quality becomes evident when used by bookbinders, conservators, printmakers and fine artists. Full sheets are approximately 25″ x 37″ with deckle edge.

Moriki Kozo Neutrals

Moriki Kozo – Solid Colors

Moriki Kozo Colors

Milled Artist Washi
Though most people today think of Japanese paper as the colourful decorative papers known as Chiyogami, there is a whole other world of undecorated Japanese papers which have been made painstakingly the same way for 1400 years. Many of these papers, known as washi, are still made by hand using the inner barks of 3 renewable plants – kozo, gampi and mitsumata. Other similar papers are now made by machine using the same fibres, which have been broken down using modern chemicals to speed up the process. These machine made papers of course are a fraction of the price of authentic washi, but there is a place for both, depending on the desired use, longevity (the best washi will last more than 1000 years) and the user’s budget.

Milled Artist Washi

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