Make it a Handmade Holiday

If you’ve ever called us here at Paper Mojo then you probably have had the pleasure of talking to our very own Chiyogami junkie Sara. What you may not know is that Sara goes into full blown elf mode this time of year making these gorgeous three-dimensional holiday trees.

Holiday Trees

Sara says that growing up she always had a favorite holiday decoration, a small set of decorative trees that her mother found at a Christmas market in Venice, Italy. Using it as an inspiration she designed her own and started making the trees for family and friends.

Using acid free rice paste and a combination of papers from handmade loktas, hand stenciled chiyogami and katozome to classic Italian papers and patterns, each tree takes three days to make.

Holiday Trees

Holiday Trees

If you are interested in getting your very own set of these beautiful trees you can email Sara at

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  1. Paul Klenk says:

    These are quite charming! A lovely ensemble, and great use of exquisite decorative papers!

  2. patricia says:

    These are lovely!

    I would like to receive more information about a possible order, how many in the grouping, pricing, specs, can I choose paper designs, are they wood or board? Have not been able to get a response from posted email contact address. Would love to hear more!

    Thanks for your wonderful ideas and products!

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