Sometimes The Box Is Just As Good As What’s Inside

It’s gift giving time and yes it’s always nice to hand someone a humongous present big enough to block out the sun, but that doesn’t always happen (okay rarely happens). Besides, as the saying always goes… good things come in small packages and when packed in one of these boxes, anything instantly becomes special.


Created by Paul Klenk from Oriboxi these little beauties are something to treasure. Paul was so kind to share a bit of Oriboxi’s history with us.

“I packed my first origami boxes with my mom’s gingerbread, which I made from her mother’s recipe (available on request). The gifts cost next to nothing, but created a sensation and stole the show.”


“When I really got my business going in October of this year, I thought about a Bertini Florentine print box I gave my supplier in Saint Paul, Minnesota around 1995. It was on their counter when I visited them in ’02 (being used to store razor blades!), and when I called them this year, again, they still had it (‘We never throw anything away…’). They sent pictures to my phone the night of my business launch!  It’s in pristine condition, as if folded yesterday.  They weren’t sure it was mine. ‘it’s too nice and too new!’ they said.”


“Now, I have my first brick-and-mortar sales venue at Creators’ Co-Op in Astoria, Queens (, all members making our own designs and art by hand.  I even found a NYC Google Voice number spelling ORIBOXI — in area code 347, a five in 2,066,000,000 (billion) shot.

I’ve come a long way since I sold boxes on NYC sidewalks while homeless in ’07. I lost everything when evicted that year, including my very first order from PaperMojo of Chinese prints, and some Wooster and Prince papers, still rolled and uncut. It was these papers which sparked my idea to design and merchandise my boxes in collections of coordinating papers, a hallmark of Oriboxi art.

Each box is a delight — a gift to me first before it is a gift to the eventual owner. Today I am thankful to God for Oriboxi Unique Treasure Boxes. And to PaperMojo for offering materials which have truly inspired me to create my best work.”


You can see more of Paul’s work on the Oriboxi Facebook page, and while you’re there maybe you can ask for that gingerbread recipe.

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