Where Oh Where Does My Paper Come From?

When you look at how much labor goes into each sheet of handmade paper it makes you respect the paper a little bit more. Here’s a little look at the India papermaking process from pulp to paper.

Starting with big vats of cotton rag goop…okay paper pulp to be technical.

Paper PulpPaper Making

Spread out over screens and pulled from the water

India Paper Making

Formed into sheets and hung to fully dry. Look at all those petals imbedded in each sheet.

Paper Drying

Want your paper screen printed? Each color has to be layered on with a different screen. That’s a lot of screens to keep track of.

Screenprinting Screens

Every color gets mixed by hand

Mixing PaintsMatching Colors

And the paper gets screen printed one by one…by one by one

ScreenprintingScreenprinting Paper

and let it dry

Screenprinted Paper

Big hugs to Neil & Shelly Pinto from Shizen Designs for all these photos. It’s a long process but we love the results.

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