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Dear Paperistas,

In our never-ending attempt to better serve you we have decided to split our website into two – each with a different focus. Paper Mojo will continue to showcase the hottest new trends and perennial favorites in decorative paper. All our paper available for sale will be stocked. No more confusion over back orders. No more added shipping charges for split orders.

Our new web site, Paper Mojo Maximized (MAX for short), will be just as the name suggests – an expanded version of our existing website that will offer many more styles and even entire supplier collections. These papers will not be stocked, but rather ordered from our sources as your order is placed with us. As an added bonus, papers that are still accessible to us but retired from our Paper Mojo site will be available on the MAX site, just in case you have a favorite that suddenly goes missing.

Paper Mojo MAX ( will launch showcasing the entire Chiyogami catalog of The Japanese Paper Place and the screen printed paper line from Shizen Design, quickly followed by JPP’s large Katazome-shi range. Other great paper ranges will follow in the coming weeks.

If you would like to know more about the features of our new website and how it will differ from, we’ve assembled a feature comparison chart. They will share many features, but some will be unique to each site.

We are very excited about this new opportunity to showcase even more paper styles from the wonderful artists and paper importers we work with and hope you will enjoy their collections too. As the new Paper Mojo MAX website evolves, we hope it will offer an unparalleled selection of decorative paper – enough to satisfy any paper craving.

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  1. claudia morgan says:


    MAX looks fab–but it should also have the blog button!
    […Unless linking only to Mojoriginal was a strategic decision.]

    Peace and Joy,

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