The Goose That Laid The Washi Egg

My favorite part about Easter when I was little was dying eggs (except for that hot vinegar smell…I still hate that smell). I was always experimenting with different ways of wrapping rubber bands around the eggs or little pieces of tape to make beautiful designs and patterns. Yes the dye sometimes seeps through the shell & you end up eating purple colored egg salad the week after Easter, but hey that’s half the fun right?

Well back in 2003 when we first started Paper Mojo I was introduced to washi eggs and it was love at first sight. While some may just think of them as seasonal, these eggs sit by my desk year round.

Washi Eggs

Washi Eggs

Washi Eggs

Here’s a great little tutorial if you want to have little fun with washi. And if you really want to get serious this book was what originally got me going. It has some useful tips on how to make the perfect washi egg along with some other great projects.

Washi Crafts Book

Best thing about washi eggs…no hot vinegar smell :)

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  1. sara says:

    I love the vinegar smell….my favorite part.

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