West Elm Look For Less

Back in April West Elm came out with this beautiful framed handmade paper and I fell in love. Or rather I fell in love with the concept, since the nearly $200 price tag was not really in my budget.

West Elm - Framed Handmade Paper

The geometric design and slightly rustic texture of the paper reminded me so much of the Amate Weave Paper.

So all I needed was a sheet of Amate Weave in Marble, Mulberry & Jute in Gray, & an Ikea Ribba frame.

The results…

Framed Amate Bark Paper

Framed Handmade Paper

Framed Amate Bark Paper

Framed Amate Bark Paper

Framed Handmade Weave Paper

I really love the smokey blue color of the Mulberry & Jute paper and how it contrasts with the warmer tones of the Amate. If you are going for the overall neutral effect of the West Elm version you could swap it out for a more taupe or cream paper.

The best part, the whole thing (including the frame) cost under $31 compared to the nearly $200 West Elm version.

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