Hunting Tor Treasure

…or rather junk to turn into treasure.

Dark, jumbled, & piled floor to ceiling with furniture, these are the best kind of places. When we moved to Raleigh a few years ago we quickly discovered Garage Brothers (who we hear are in talks for their own reality show), located about a millisecond from our office. They have since opened a retail store a bit farther from us but the stuff in the warehouse is still what we love to dig through.

Since they were having a charity event Shelly and I used it as an excuse to head over there and see if we could find anything with makeover potential.

We had to search a bit and climb over a lot of stuff but here are a few things we found.

Side Table

Sewing Table

This huge mirror was only five dollars!!!


Deco Style Desk

And of course we always find something to giggle over when we go…someone’s going to have a headache

but no worries, just swap it with this giant one.

And just make sure you don’t get run over while loading up your car

Luckily we made it out of there okay, car all loaded up, and ready to start some new projects.

Loaded Car

So what’s your favorite place to go treasure hunting?

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