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Even after 8 years I still get so excited everytime a new styles comes in the door. These new styles from Laura Berretti just came in a few days ago & as always she doesn’t disappoint.

I’m fascinated with these spanish wave designs.

Blue, Yellow, & Orange Spanish Wave Marble

Gray, Blue & Pink Spanish Wave Marble

Taupe Spanish Wave Marble

I’ve seen this type of marbling pattern before & always wondered how it was created. Laura tells us the pattern was supposedly invented by a drunken Spanish marbler in the 1800’s. It is produced by rocking the paper back and forth while making it. I think history shows sometimes great things come out of a slightly “altered” state of mind.

I also think this new aqua stone marble is absolutely stunning…which of course means I snagged a sheet for myself.

Aqua Florentine Marble

Aqua Florentine Marble

Using the same idea I did here, I popped the marble behind an old etching I had. Originally the print was framed in a basic white mat but because the paper is so yellowed from age I always felt the white matte was way to stark. Now with the aqua marble behind it I love it.

Handmade Marble Mat

Now the yellow aging of the paper plays off the gold veining in the marble & instead of the etching looking old and dingy it has a gorgeous antique appeal.

We should have them up on Paper Mojo soon (I promise I won’t keep them all for myself).

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