DIY iPhone Cover

Not very stylish huh? This is my iphone cover and if you look close you will see that it is absolutely filthy. I bought this peachy pink incipio cover a few months ago and because I usually carry it around the warehouse & office in my back pocket all the edges are completely stained from my jeans (a problem I later learned is very common with the incipio cases). After many failed attempts to clean the case I decided it was time for a complete makeover.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– A small sheet of decorative paper (I used Snow & Graham’s Meadow print)
– An old iphone case
– Spray Paint (I used Krylon for Plastic in Honeydew)
– Decoupage Glue & Paint Brush
– A Chiyogami Covered Pencil (or any old pencil…but a decorative one does make the project more fun)
– An X-acto Knife and Small Cutting Mat

I wanted the pattern on the back to be slightly smaller than the case so instead of tracing the case itself I traced around my iphone.

Then I swapped in the cover so I could trace out the hole for the camera.

After I had the whole thing drawn out I simply cut it out with an x-acto knife. Oddly enough this step took me the most amount of time. After a little too much caffeine my lines were not that straight so I had to keep going over them to get things even. In hindsight a ruler may have been a good idea.

Once I had the paper all cut out for the back I moved on to the cover. A few shots of spray paint took care of the grungy look and made it look new again.

…let dry

Now it was time to put things together

I brushed a thin coat of decoupage glue on the back of the paper and laid it down on the back of the case. Any air bubbles were easy to rub out with my fingers.

After the first cost of glue dried I applied another thin coat of glue over the entire back of the case.



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  1. Maria says:


    This is such a great idea!! I was wondering if there’s any particular reason you chose to use this sort of glue?


  2. Evani says:

    This is brilliant!! I’ll definitely be trying this and probably featuring this on my blog when I do an iPhone entry!!


  3. Danielle says:

    How did it hold up? Great idea but I am concerned that the paint would start to chip off and the paper would peel.

  4. Megan says:

    Everything is still holding strong. I think using a spray paint made for plastic was the key in keeping the paint from chipping

  5. neha says:

    How do you keep such a clean cut when cutting the pattern? Its taking me tons of tries to keep the lines even and such! Either the lines are wobbly or its too big. please help

  6. Jamie says:

    What type of paper does this require? scrapbook paper or does any kind work?

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