How to Make an Envelope Liner

A few weeks ago I posted a photo on Facebook & Twitter of envelopes I was working on. A number of you asked how I made the liner and after a poor attempt to verbally describe the process I decided a few photos were in order. So here we go…

You will need:

– An envelope
– Decorative paper (of course)
– Glue (Zip Dry is fabulous for this as it doesn’t wrinkle the paper)
– A sheet of thin cardboard (the side of an empty cereal box works great)
– Pencil, Ruler, & Scissors

First cut around the sides of the envelope to remove the front

Now cut the glue stripe off the envelope flap. You are going to go from the corner crease all the way around.

Now that you have the top flap trimmed down we are going to trim the bottom so that it can fit into the envelope. Measure in an 1/8th of an inch along the bottom and two sides and draw a line.

Now trim the liner down along your lines.

You can test the sizing of the liner by sliding it into another envelope. If you need to, make any adjustments and/or trim the liner down a bit more.

Once you have the sizing how you like trace the shape onto your sheet of cardboard.

And cut it out. Now you have a nice sturdy envelope liner template you can use to trace onto your decorative paper.

Like so…

You can flip the liner template around and interweave the triangles to get the maximum amount out of each sheet of paper.

After you cut out your liners they should slide easily into your envelopes.

Fold down the liner and envelope flap to crease it. Your goal is to make a crease in the liner that matches the envelope crease.

Now with just the liner folded down put a bead of glue along the edge. As you can see my “bead” is not very neat, you just want to keep it small and far enough away from the edge so that it doesn’t ooze out.

Fold the liner back up…press…let dry…and you’re all done!

Have fun with the color and pattern combinations you use. A bold unexpected lining can really do wonders.

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  1. Megan,
    This is a really great tutorial! Wonderful step-by-step instructions, and your envelopes look great!
    So nice to see other artists in BYW 2.0!
    All the best,

  2. modflowers says:

    These look lovely! Perfect for a special letter. I will be pinning this for later use – thank you!

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