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I’ve finished my holiday shopping for the year and now it’s time for me to start wrapping everything. Since I’m always looking for new ways to fit even more pretty paper into each gift I decided to adore each present this year with one of these cute little paper bows. Truthfully each package will probably have more than one because once I started making them, I had a hard time stopping.

If you want to make some bows for your own gifts it couldn’t be easier. Make the whole bow in one pattern or combine two different papers like I did. Below is a link to the PDF template for you to download.


Step 1 – Trace the bow template onto your paper and cut out all of the pieces

Step 2 – Add a small drop of glue to the center of the bow piece

Step 3 – Bring the two sides to the center to create the bow loops

Step 4 – Add another drop of glue to the center of the bottom tail piece

Step 5 – Glue the bow loops to the bottom ribbon

Step 6 – Wrap the center band around your bow and glue together in the back







Berretti Florentine Marbled Paper – Rust, Gray & Cream Stone Marble Pattern | Rossi Tuscan Print Paper – Weathered Brocade in Gold | Midas Touch – Gold Coated Lokta Paper | Anaconda Embossed Paper – White Gold | Magnolia Branches on Lokta Paper – Gold on Cream | Gilded Cork Paper – Gold | Chiyogami – Gold Fronds on Natural | Halcyon Marbled Papers – Golden Rain


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  1. Sam Phillips says:

    Excellent bows loved making them

  2. JULES says:

    Thanks so much looks so lovely!

  3. JULES says:

    Thank you love them!

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