A little more about us…

Outside the Office

I am a paper addict. I blame thank my parents for my design & art addiction. I feel as if my childhood was spent between hours in my dad’s workshop watching him carve & paint perched atop a beat-up red drafting chair, playing with ribbons & buttons in my mom’s sewing room, and summers running around the local craft shows. A day was not complete without a craft project. As I’ve grown older not much as changed. That same red chair can now be found in our warehouse, although now my feet actually touch the ground.

Paper Mojo was founded in 2003 by myself and my mother, Shelly Gardner-Alley. Over the years we have met so many great people and have seen just how talented our customers are. Paper Mojo the Blog was created as a way to showcase this incredible work, the people behind it, and hopefully inspire new people to redefine their concept of paper.